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Vision After 40

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Age 40 - give or take a few years presents a new challenge to our focusing system. Our focusing mechanism called accommodation looses its flexibility as we age and around age 40 we start noticing our close vision starts to get more difficult. We hold the magazine or cell phone further away, need more light to see the menu in a restaurant and complain how small they make the print on labels. This is called Presbyopia.

Well, all this is normal for this stage of our life. Thankfully, there are  several ways we can help ease the stress and strain on our focusing system and on ourselves.

Technology and science have offered us  many choices to help regain our close vision with eyeglass lenses, contact lenses and surgery.


  • Single Vision Reading Glasses
  • Bifocal Lenses with a line
  • Progressive lenses that have variable focus - and no  lines
  • Progressive lenses for Special needs -- computer, sports, tradesman


  • Modified Monovision - one contact for near and one for distance
  • Bifocal Contact Lenses - like progressives but in a contact lens
  • Distance Contact Lenses with reading glasses for near


  • Lasik or other procedure to adjust one eye for near
  • Lens implant with progressive power

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More About Your Available Options

There are many types of progressive for different visual needs. Quality can vary depending on the manufacturer. We only recommend and use progressives from companies that have proven themselves to be innovators and leaders in the design and fabrication of lenses that give you clear comfortable vision.

Bifocal Contact Lenses are an excellent choice for those who currently wear contacts and are now having difficulty with their close vision. They also work well for those who have never worn glasses and are now challenged with small print every day. Technology has provided advanced designs in contact lenses that can now give us clear vision in the distance, up close and in between.

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