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Your Prescription

During your examination the doctor has arrived at the final prescription that will give you comfortable clear vision that is best for your visual needs.  The Refractive Error that is unique to your eyes will determine the type of lens power that is used in your prescription.

Watch the videos below for more information in understanding your prescription

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Your Lens Choices

After the doctor has arrived at your final prescription the next step is to find the lens type that is best for your visual needs. This may be a single vision lens for all purpose use or maybe a progressive addition lens ( no-line bifocal) to help you a little more up close due to our maturing eyes.You may need a lens designed for computer or office use that will help ease the visual stress for several hours of looking at a computer.Other lens choices may include sunglasses to protect against the well documented harmful UVA and UVB wavelengths. Those who play sports will benefit from the extra protection of high impact polycarbonate lens material.

We are here to help you choose the correct lens

Watch videos on the different lenses

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